Portrait Retouching

A photograph is timeless. It captures a moment that no matter what you do, no matter how many hot-tub time machines you hop into, you just aren't getting that moment back. Whether you are an amateur photographer, a professional photographer, a hobbyist or even the designated family photographer we have all had those moments when the "perfect" photo had a flaw. Maybe in the family photo that was "just right" Jimmy had his head turned towards a passing beauty. In the image afterwards Jimmy had his best smile looking at the camera while everyone else was looking at their phone. Here's the GOOD NEWS! We can fix that! 

Perhaps you're a photographer who has just completed a senior photo session and you simply do not have the time to edit the photos.  We can remove blemishes, move eyes, faces, objects from one image to another. Are there distractions in the background? Such as that pesky pole protruding from behind your subjects head? We've all had those harsh lighting conditions that ruin a 'could be' perfect shot, we can fix those! Frizzy hair? We'll smooth and remove! Whatever your scenario - we have your back.

Choose from our two portrait retouching packages and once you place your order you will receive an order confirmation email with your upload link to upload your photos to us.  We will create a client proofing gallery FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. No one - Nada - Zilch - zero people will have access to view those photos except for you. There you will be able to review your photo edits and request revisions if necessary. 

We are a professional editing company that will never use your images for public display without your approval.

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